How to copy protect a CD or DVD

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UPDATE (080812) - We have a nice post on the CD-writer.com Blog about how Patronus copy protection works in the StorDigital Safe Tower DVD Duplicator, that allows the user to protect DVD Video via a DVD Tower duplicator. You can see it here.

A GREAT IDEA FROM ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS : So you want to prevent people making unauthorised copies of your DVD? EASY!!! Even if you are creating DVD content under 4.5GB why not BURN it direct to a Dual Layer DVD Disc. This costs a few pence more, but the result can be significant. the pontential content thief will try and copy your disc but find that he can't copy it to his single layer discs. He will become confused and probably give up. Most likely he won't have any dual layer discs or won't understand the reason for the failure. Simplezzz...

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Copy protection really is the holy grail when it comes to protecting the reveneues and maximising your return on time invested in content creation. The reality is that in these tech savvy days most individuals who would choose to make illegal copies of your content can quite easily do so.

But there are still some techniques you can use to hinder unauthorised copying.

There are several software that are listed below that will offer a level of copy protection for your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray and most you can try before you buy.

But is there a FREE copy protection software or technique you could use? The answer is yes and no. Of course there is No FREE solution when even the premium professional solutions can be over come, but there are techniques you can use that will reduce the impact unauthorised copying will have on your revenues.

An interesting solution is digital watermarking. This works on both a technical level and a pychological level. A unique digital watermark can be applied to the data contained within any disc product you produce. For example you could add a hidden frame of video that contains the customers name. This hidden frame can include reference to individual customers (remember to keep a record of the hidden fram number!). This will allow you to track the source of all unauthorised copies that get made. Whilst his is not a copy protection technique, you may consider it copy prevention. By combining the digital water mark with on pack graphics informing the customer the product is protected by a digital watermark they may be prevented from asking copies on ethical grounds and by understanding that they are traceable.

Interestingly Nero 11 Contains a new copy protection feature called SecurDisc - you can download atrial verion here. Nero 11 with SecurDisc Copy Protection

You are in luck if you need to produce a great many DVD video files with copy protection. Thanks to StorDigital Systems it's now easier than ever to produce large volumes of copy protect DVD Video discs in house. The StorDigital SafeTower DVD Tower Duplicator featuring DVD Video copy protection, you can now produce 1000s of copy protected discs in house with average price to produce each protected copy of just a few pence. StorDigital - the name to trust in duplication.

Follow this link to see CD DVD Duplicators with copy protection


CD-Cops is an envelope protection which is added to the CD’s main executable. Can be applied to discs in-house at the time of mastering.

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CrypKey prevents unauthorized use and duplication of your software in mere minutes, without having to write any code. Solutions for business of all sizes.

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HexaLock CD-RX media are specially made CD-R's that contain a pre-compiled session, which includes security elements that make the discs copy protectable. The program files are linked to these security elements during the recording process, thus creating a copy-protected CD-R. The duplication process can be done in one-off mode, or in an automated mode in selected duplication systems.

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LaserLock uses a combination of encryption software and a unique laser marking a "physical signature" on the CD surface made during the special LaserLock glass mastering procedure, in order to make copying virtually impossible.

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A unique SecuROM™ electronic keycode is added to the CD/DVD-ROM with the use of special glass-mastering equipment which was developped by Sony DADC. This equipment is installed at all SecuROM™ enabled replication plants.

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Smarte Solutions ("Smarte") is the leading provider of next generation Piracy Management solutions that secure and control the use of software and digital information while enhancing the distribution and marketing-related capabilities of those products.

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Starforce Technologies is well-known to the games and software world for its outstanding and hacker-proof copy protection systems for applications distributed on CD, DVD and CD-R.

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TAGES enables you to choose how the protection affects unauthorized copies, from slightly modifying to completely blocking the functioning of the software. It is completely transparent to the end-user and does not require any specific set-up or online transaction before launching the protected software.

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Mirage's All-In-One Protector requires no programming. The number of files to protect is not limited and it is Royalty Free. Multiple license and copy protection methods including evaluation options are available.

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SafeNet offers a great software copy protection solution: Sentinel HASP. Featuring the unique Cross-Locking™ technology, Sentinel HASP allows you to choose from a variety of hardware - or software-based protection keys. Sentinel HASP features robust software copy protection and numerous secure licensing models to ensure you are paid for every copy of your software in use – wherever it may be.

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Primewares is an international freeware database. It presents 41182 freeware copy protection programs, for Windows OS, from all around the world.

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Webtoolmaster offers software for copy protection (CD, DVD, BD, USB), software protection, eBook protection, PDF protection, and virus protection.

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CodeMeter technology from Wibu-Systems is unique worldwide and offers standard yet flexible solutions to all the application scenarios described above. Regardless of whether you prefer to protect your software development with a dongle (CmDongle) or a machine-specific license file (CmActLicense), using CodeMeter implies easy and effective management, and profitable results.

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