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DVD Duplicator

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A DVD Duplicator is an ideal addition to the hardware in any office environment. Increasingly businesses are finding that their major expense is on data and internal data storage requirements.

A DVD Duplicator can solve many problems in regards to the backing up and sharing of large amounts of data both in and outside the business.

Whatsmore a DVD Duplicator has never been easier or cheaper to buy. There are many good DVD Duplicators available to buy from a number of manufacturers around the world. Just look online to see the great number that are available.

A DVD Duplicator will also copy CDs. It is usually unwise to purchase a second-hand unit unless it comes with a full warranty. The price of newer units is often much lower than you would expect and the more recent the model the faster it will burn discs.

The most common form of CD and DVD Duplicator is the standalone tower system. These units do not require the use of a PC. These units usually consist of multiple optical drives in a tower. These drives are operated via a controller card that enables the multicopy action. The master disc is usually inserted into the reader drive, blanks are then inserted into target recorder drives. Once inserted the operator will simply press a button to start the copy process.

You can also buy a DVD duplicator as an automated system that will not require any manual intervention once the copy process has been started. These unit are more expensive due to their requirement for robotics. An autoloader on a CD DVD Duplicator is ideal for any company that does not have the personpower to attend to a tower system.

A DVD Duplicator is ideal for copying video, data, games, software and corporate presentations onto multiple DVDs for distribution to clients, customers and others. If you invest in a DVD Duplicator today you may wonder what you ever did without it. If you are paying DVD Replication companies to copy under 500 units per run it is likely you will soon save money with your own duplicator.