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Custom Shaped CDs

Custom Shaped CDs are CDs that are designed to make you look twice. 99.9% of all CDs are usually 12cm discs so why would you want your product, company or promotion to look the same, especially when you can be different?

Next time you talk to your creative agency about your options regarding producing CD products, why not mention Custom Shaped CDs. My guess is that they will either love them or hate them.

The process for creating your own Custom Shaped CDs might be expensive, since you will have to have your CDs specially made. Once your CDs have been made the cost of producing the data, producing and printing the art work and replicating the discs will be no different to what you would expect for a normal CD.

Note that although the Custom Shaped CDs do look attractive some people might be hesitant about using them in their machines, though they will certainly get your brand or message across. Often the extra money you spent on your Custom Shaped CDs might have been better spent on employing some good designers or print finishes.