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Mini CD Cases

A great way to show off your new Mini CD ROM is to use a Mini CD Case. The Mini CD Case is usually supplied with the 8cm disc when you buy a branded product. If you buy your Mini CD ROM in bulk it may prove hard to source the case that you require.

Mini CD Cases are the same as a full size jewel case used with a normal CD, but due to their compact nature they can often be perceived as offering more style.

An alternative to using a jewel case type Mini CD Case would be to use something like a spider or a foam stud. These clever devices are very cheap and effective. The spider or stud will adhere to any smooth surface and is ideal for attaching a mini CD or full size CD to a flyer, or other marketing object with a flat surface.

It always important to keep your discs free from dirt and scratches. For that reason it is recommended that you use a Mini CD Case to protect your discs whether at home or at the office.