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DVD Rom Replication

CD and DVD copying and printing. A fast, low cost, quality service.

DVD Replication allows you to copy high volumes of DVDs from a DVD master or source DVD. Usually a company or individual who wishes to share content such as images, software or data will use the services of a DVD Replicator.

DVD Replication services are usually used for the replication of discs in volumes above 500. DVD Replication costs can often be prohibitive in shorter runs (ie 500 to 1000) due to the requirement for setup costs. Setup costs will usually include the manufacturing of a glass master from which the discs will be pressed. Additionally subscribers to replication services might also require the production and printing of artwork and paper parts to finish the presentation of the DVD.

Replicated DVD products might be supplied to the customer either bulk packed in 100s or finished and inserted into jewel cases with the paper parts. Doing your own insertion and sourcing your own printing for DVD replication can often lower the price. But beware that inserting paper parts into jewel cases can be frustrating and annoying. Replication houses usually use automated insertion machines.