Blank Business Card CDs

Business cards are a traditional staple of the branding and marketing world. If you are in business then you want to tell people about it - quickly and easily. You have your business card designed in a style to present your company and brand along with your individual contact details.

But these days more and more people are using Blank Business Card CDs to promote themselves and their companies. A Blank Business Card CD can be used with a normal CD burner on your computer. Kits are available from some manufacturers that include the Blank Business Card CDs, labels that are printable on an inkjet printer which are stuck on the CD and vinyl wallets.

Producing and distributing a business card in this way can be costly and time consuming. To produce each business card will probably cost you around 200 times as much as a normal business card bought in bulk. So you could soon really be out of pocket.

So why use Blank Business Card CDs? If you want to make a big splash at a company presentation then consider them. If you are in the digital media industry then your company's credibility could be enhanced by using such a product. Blank Business Card CDs could be appropriate if you have only one chance to get something into someone's hand that contains your contact details and some digital content e.g. a show reel, photo library samples or the latest range of houses available from an estate agent.

Blank Business Card CDs could separate your business from the rest.