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Audio Duplicators

If you are in the music business or you would like to be, then an Audio Duplicator is one of the best investments you can make. An Audio Duplicator will allow you to make unlimited copies of your CD albums and singles. Once you have made multiple copies of CDs you can easily and cheaply send them out to record labels, publishers and distributors.

Some bands will use an Audio Duplicator to publish their own Audio CDs for retail direct to the customer. Usually a standard CD or DVD Duplicator will be able to copy or duplicate audio CDs.

Some audio CD Duplication experts might suggest that you burn your CDs at a speed no greater than 4X. This will ensure you that when you record Audio CDs you will always get the best possible quality in terms of playback.

When copying Audio CDs it is important to consider the type of CD players that your customers use. This will help you decide the type of recordable CD you should use. You might, for example, find that when recording CDs or duplicating CDs for customers who use car CD players or older pub or bar style jukeboxes it might be necessary to use a CD that has a blue recordable layer.