CD R Services

CD and DVD copying and printing. A fast, low cost, quality service.

CD R Services might be used by bands, companies or individuals who require CD Production or CD Duplication services. CD Production might include the development of a CD master that can then be used for CD duplication or CD replication.

CD Production services might be required to produce an interactive CD for a magazine cover-mount, a business card CD-Rom, or a music CD. Whatever the requirement professional CD Services are often required for the production of content that is suitable for the intended audience. It is vital that the CD Production Service ensures the CD is compatible with the intended hardware. Compatibility might require that a CD can play back as audio on a hi-fi while auto running interactively on a PC. The trick for the CD Service Provider would be to ensure that it is cross platform, ie working on both a Mac and a PC, and is recognised as a data CD rather than an audio CD when inserted into a computer. This level of professionalism is often beyond the home user.

CD Duplication Services are vital for companies and individuals that have not yet purchased their own CD Duplicator on which they can perform their CD Duplication tasks. The service of CD Duplication will require the submission of a master CD to the CD Duplication house. You can expect CD duplication houses to offer anything from a 24hour express service or a lower cost 6 - 10 day service, dependant on demand.