CD Media

CD Media can be a great way to differentiate your company, your brand or your products. Today many people use a variety of CD Media products.

CDRW or re-writable CDs are less widely used today outside of the home or the office. Today's big players are write-once CDs, or CDR. CDR are used widely across the world and can be bought very cheaply on the High street. CDR are manufactured in plants across the world with quality usually directly relative to price.

The CD disc is actually just a small, transparent plastic disc. Very cheap and easy to make. The plastic disc becomes a CDR when a foil film is coated onto the disc's top side. It is interesting that most people are careful to protect the underside of their discs from scratches, abrasions and other damage. The reality is that the top side of the disc is probably more sensitive to data loss. Using the wrong pen or spilling any substance to the top side of a cheap silver disc can cause immediate damage, so be warned. CD Media of a higher quality will have a coated top side that will ensure the integrity of the data under normal day to day conditions. Be warned however that some white topped CDR discs can be very cheap mixed media almost picked off the manufacturing plant floor, or from dodgy importers who want to make a quick buck.

Unbranded CDR is usually bought in packs of 100 in a cello wrap. Often described as being on a spindle the media will usually arrive spindle less - the term is really a figure of speech. Unbranded CDR from a good source will be ideal for most daily purposes. Without guarantee however it should be avoided where you require long term data integrity.

Often branded CDR will come from the same factory as the unbranded.

Other blank CD products might include coloured CDs or shaped CDs, 8cm CDs or business card CDs. These can be ideal but you should always assess the requirement of your target market and installed hardware base. Slot drived CD readers might, for example, not eject an 8cm once it has been inserted.

Lately more customers have invested in their own CD printers, thus printable CDs are more popular than ever. A CD printer combined with a printable CD will allow you to produce a CD that matches the original in looks and quality. Designers often find the smaller inkjet CD and DVD printers produce results beyond the capability of out- sourced screen printing.