Business Card CDs

Business Card CDs have been around for some years now. Their attractive size and style make them ideal for companies looking to promote services and products in an eye-catching manner. Some companies will use a Business Card CD that is produced by a CD replication house. This disc will be mastered and replicated in units over 1000. Often when Business Card CDs are replicated the top side will be printed with company or individual information in the same way as a normal business card.

More lately with the growth of CD burning and CD duplication more people produce Business Card CDs at home. Specialist kits are available with applicators, labels and vinyl wallets ensuring that the final result is second to none.

It should be noted that a Business Card CD will really pay for itself only if you can convince your customers to place the disc in their CD players or readers. It is with the data contained on the disc that a company or individual can really make a big impression -  or else you would be as wise to use a normal business card that cost a fraction of the price.

A company or individual that has favoured Business Card CDs over other promotional medium might contain any of the following on their discs: audio samples, video show real, flash animation, director movies, annual reports or any other content that might be deemed suitable for impressing the market.