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Amazing new technology from StorDigital means you can now Print and Burn in one low cost tower duplicator. This preassembled LightScribe duplicator features 11 LightScribe enabled DVD and CD burners and 1 reader. By using LightScribe technology these units are capable of printing a one colour monochrome print onto the surface of a LightScribe disc. When printing is not required normal blank CDs and DVDs can be used. In order to print an image onto your LightScribe discs you must first create your artwork on a PC. This artwork is then burnt to a CD master. The CD master is then used as the source for your print image, but instead of burning data to the data layer, the laser will burn and image on to the surface of the disc. It's amazing, Burn It, Flip It, Print It. See the foot of this page for examples of print and the time required for printing.