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The mobile Duplicator for IDE and SATA hard drives. About the portable hard disk Copy Station : The main advantages of ADR's Portable HDD CopyStation are its low weight, compact dimensions as well as excellent performance and reliability. With the portable hard disk Copy Station you can copy IDE and SATA hard drives and back up your data anywhere, anytime . Connect the master disk and a blank disk with the Copy Station and start the copy process. Create easily an identical copy of your hard drive and clone partitions, boot sectors and spaces. Crossover copy is possible (eg IDE to SATA HDD ) The device has a high copy speed of up to 90 MB / sec (depending on hard drive speed ) Because the display and the buttons, the device can be operated easily . There is no PC needed to copy the hard drives. With the help of acoustic and visual status indication of progress , the remaining capacity and the average copy speed is displayed. For copying from IDE hard drives optional adapters are needed. These can be purchased separately.