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CRU copy system that creates up to 7 copies of CRU Carrier DX115 DC digital cinema drives. Copying CRU DX115 DC Carrier drives has just become easier than ever before. The new standalone CRU Producer Tower excels in ease of use and reliability and is poised to become a favourite of the digital cinema industry which has been relying heavily on this format. The CRU Producer can create 7 exact copies of a CRU DX115 master drive. Operation Simply place the master CRU DX115 Carrier drive in the first slot on the top and the empty target drives in the remaining slots and hit "Copy" Thanks to the reliable HotSwap Caddies swapping drives is lightning fast. After a short amount of time the copies are ready to be removed. Alternatively, you can use the Copy & Compare function to guarantee copy accuracy. After completion of the copy process the targets are compared bit-by-bit with the master. That way you ensure that the copies are 100% accurate. Speed After just 1 minute you've copied about 5GB thanks to the the high data transfer rate of 90MB/s. There are different copy modes available such as "Only Data", "All Partitions" and "Whole HD". When copying known formats you're able to only copy the data portion to reduce copy times. Even unknown formats can still be copied with "bit-by-bit copy". Erase Functions For completely erasing drives there are different erase functions (Quick erase, full erase, DoD). The DoD Erase function erases drives in accordance with the American Department of Defense data sanititsation standards which requires a threefold bit-by-bit erase. Updating the BIOS is also very simple. The ADR CRU Producer Tower is available in different models: Each Tower has 1 master slot. This model has 7 target slots. Other models available upon request. There is a model for each and every need.