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The PCIe Producer is a professional copying system for M2 PCIe storage. The device is used to produce high volumes. The system supports the M-Key and B + M Key form factors. The unique "MultiTasking Technology" allows the system to simultaneously copy data to 20 PCIe M2 destinations simultaneously with a copy speed of up to 18GB per minute. We guarantee a high and stable copy speed regardless of the number of targets used. The PCIe Producer for M2 Seicher has 4 different copy modes. These are Quick Copy, all partition copy, percentage copy and whole copy. Thus, you can choose the right program for your needs that meets your needs. The Quick Copy Mode only copies the data and skips the empty areas. The Quick Copy Mode supports NTFS, Linux (ext3 / Ext4), FAT / FAT32, Mac (HFS, HFSX, HFS +). This copy mode can greatly speed up the copying process. In addition, the PCIe Producer is equipped with various deletion functions. Quick Erase, Full Erase, DOD Erase, DOD Erase & Compare functions are available. These different functions can fulfill different security levels. Enormous efficiency The ADR PCIe Producer copies your M2 memory at a copy speed of up to 18 GB / min on all M2 simultaneously without any loss of speed. This PCIe copier has been specially developed for hardware manufacturers. Whole HDD Copy Whole Copy also supports unknown formats. In this case, the whole memory is copied bit by bit. Systems & Data Copy This copy mode is used for known formats and can greatly reduce copy time. Windows (FAT16 / 32/64, NTFS), Linux (ext2 / ext3 / ext4), Mac (HFS, HFS +, HFSX) formats are supported in this mode. Only the area with data is copied. Support format for hdd duplicator Supports 4 different delete modes The PCIe producer supports 3 different deletion modes 1.Quick Erase:Clears the index table and only takes a few seconds 2.Full Erase:Deletes the complete PCIe M.2 content 3.DoD Erase:Meets the standard of U.S. Pat. Ministry of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) Dod erase method 4.DoD Erase&Compare: After the DOD Erase a Compare is performed again High compatibility Supports GPT, MBR table format Supports advanced format HDD, up to 18TB Supports OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, etc. Compatibility for hdd and flash duplicator Open Design Supports M.2 (default) Supports optional Mini PCI-E and PCI-E SSD IT hard drive duplicator- cable-free IT hard drive duplicator- various interface Real-time PC monitoring The copier can be connected to a computer via USB. During the copying process, you will see various information about the copying process on the computer's monitor. You can see information about each port and can tell early if PCIe storage is malformed. All important information can be viewed on the monitor of your PC. IT hard drive duplicator with pc link-right 1.During the work process, you will see information about the copying process on the monitor. PC LINK for duplicator 2.You will see the model, serial number, copy time and result at each port. The data of the master port and the target port are documented. PC LINK for duplicator 3. Slow read and write processes can be detected immediately and faulty M2 memory is a direct hit. You can view all information later in the log report. PC LINK for duplicator 4.To select a period to export the report, you only need one click. You export the .txt file via USB connection to your computer. Here you can archive or print the file and attach it to a production. The day of the export is the name of the LOG file (20130308) Event log report for duplicator Log Report The log report stores the duration of the copy process, details on each port, including the M2 model, capacity, serial number and the result (pass, fail). Real-time recording and monitoring via PC connection Event log report for duplicator Log The log report .txt file can also be saved on a USB stick. The PCIe copier can store up to 130,000 logs, with each LOG representing a single PCIe memory. (Eg if you are storing a task you have 5 LOG files). Auto power control system When the PCIe copier completes a process, power to the M2 devices is lost. Thus, it can be ensured that the data carriers are protected and there are no problems when removing the M2 from the PCIe copier. The individual ports are therefore only supplied with power when an action is taken. Standalone for MT hdd duplicator Standalone System The system can either be operated completely independently of the PC or you can connect the PCIe copier to the PC via USB. The connection to the PC is not necessary and will only be done if you want to use the Monitoring Tool or the LOG Report.