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The DD-221 is the perfect hard disk copy device if you want to duplicate small quantities of IDE or SATA Hard Disks quickly and easily. You are able to create two identical copies from one master drive. The duplicator DD-221 will be connected to the PC via RS-232 cable. With the "Hyper-terminal" software you are able to supervise your copying process on your PC (Windows XP). Informations and copy status will be displayed on the PC. The power supply of the hard drives is controlled by the copystation. Firmware upgrades can be performed with a CD / DVD-Rom drive, a hard disk or the built-in SD slot. With a SD memory card users are able to upgrade BIOS. Users of duplicating systems want to copy their media so fast as possible, the "Quick Copy" function meets these requirements. All systems, such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/ Vista/ 7, Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc. are able to use the "Quick Copy" function. Thus only the areas which includes data (including hidden partitions) will be copied. With this "Quick Copy" function you are able to copy several Hard Disks onto one