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With the ADR HD-Producer you are able to duplicate SATA Hard drives easily . Simply create 7 identical copies of your master by pushing one button. Plug your master into the first slot and your empty target into the second, simply press OK to confirm. With the benefiting HotSwop caddies you are able to switch the hard drives very easily and quickly making this one of the most easy to use HDD copy devices on the market. Through the high transfer rate ( up to 66 MB/s) you can copy up to 5 GB in one minute. You are able to decide between different copy modes like "Only Data", "All Partition" and "Whole HD". Further you can use a delete function, which could erase all datas from your hard drive. The Bios is uncomplicated and fast updatable. With the ADR HD-Producer you are able to create economical and fast copies of your master