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StorDigital 'GoBlu' Series Blu-Ray duplicators, offer next generation Blu-Ray duplication service. In the current climate the requirement to back up large capacity flash media cards is paramount. Now there is no easier way to 'GoBlu' than with the latest Blu-Ray duplicators in the StorDigital series. This 3 target duplicator allows you to copy in disc to disc mode producing 3 copies of CD, DVD or Blu-Ray in as little as 3 minutes. Or, in card media to disc mode allowing you to copy from card media to up to 3 disc targets. Every StorDigital duplicator is built to the highest standard delivering fast exact disc copies first time every time and at the fastest possible speeds. The 'GoBlu' range of Blu-Ray duplicators combine our fast disc to disc operation with Card media to disc functions. By intergrating a multi format card reader with our Blu-Ray tower copiers, users can now quickly and easily make multiple back ups of there large capacity flash media. No other company, product or solution is built to a higher quality, produces better copies or is easier to us than the 'GoBlu' Blu-Ray duplicator range from StorDigital. To find out more call us on 020 8293 0777