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Studiomill is a completely versatile CNC machine, with distinct features that ensure a superior price/performance ratio compared with any other system on the market. Studiomill provides a cost-effective means of creating both simple and complex parts and supports all major CAD software packages, including ProDesktop and Solidworks. The machine is supplied with purpose-built, proprietary PathingCNC software, which is used to simulate and control the modelling process and supports industry standard file formats .stl and .dxf. Providing users with the ability to translate 3D CAD models into high quality prototypes, models or parts, Studiomill is capable of 2D, 3D and Virtual:Five:AxisTM modelling. Specific advantages of the Studiomill machine include affordable in-house prototyping that accelerates the design process; highly accurate models at a low cost; a wide choice of modelling materials; an understandable and straight-forward process; and accurate and seamless transfer of files to production tooling. Furthermore, Studiomill provides a generous work area and is suitable for most small to medium CAD/CAM applications. The Studiomill 3D milling machine is particularly suited for use as a desktop educational CNC tool offering rapid, versatile 3D CNC part production. The bundled software is designed for CAD CAM teaching & learning and with safety built in, it promotes hands-on learning at every stage of the modelling process.