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The Maxit 3D printer is the very first 3D printer in the world developed specifically for education. Interestingly, the issues that the education market value are also of benefit to other users. The Maxit is a self-assembly 3D printer kit that offers an excellent price/performance ratio. Capable of producing complex 3D models and parts in a range of materials, the Maxit makes 3D printing accessible to a host of new users at any stage of their careers. First and foremost, the Maxit 3D printer has been developed to enable it to be built quickly and easily, and subsequently used by anyone. And when we say anyone, we really mean anyone. What is more, reliable printing has also been at the heart of the development of the Maxit 3D printer, with quality electronic components sourced to support uninterrupted and consistent printing operations. Maxit – Materials The Maxit can currently print with two materials that are supplied in 1kg spools, with a filament diameter of 3mm. A range of colours is available. On going R&D at A1 means that the company will add more materials in due course. ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene PLA – Polylactic Acid