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The StorDigital Premium Blu-Ray Tower is at the cutting edge of duplication technology, and when you look at its features, build quality and value it’s easy to see why!

Utilising the latest Blu-Ray burners, the StorDigital Blu-Ray Premium Tower is the only choice to consider if you’re looking for a reliable and professional duplication system. The in-built SATA drives offer high speed duplication for Blu-Ray, DVD and CD, all of which can be easily controlled on the duplicators LCD screen with the touch of a button.

The intelligent control centre burns to all 10 drives simultaneously, ensuring all your data is duplicated efficiently and cloned exactly as it should be. Designed as a dedicated duplication machine, the Premium Blu-Ray Tower operates completely independently. No PC or Mac connection is required for operation, simply plug in the power and you’re ready to duplicate discs in less than a minute.

Why not add a Hard Drive to store disc images to the machines memory? Or upgrade to inkless Lightscribe disc printing to get detailed prints onto your discs?

There are a host of upgrades available to improve the capabilities, speed and performance of your Premium Blu-Ray Tower even further, call our sales team on 0208 293 0777 for expert advice on your personal and unique requirements.