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This is a B-Grade stock item and has been either been returned by a customer with some damage or has been factory refurbished. All our B-grade items are bench tested prior to despatch. comes with 0 warranty, unless otherwise indicated. This duplicator will come in a 13 Bay cas which is the size of an 11 target duplicator but will only have 7 burners This is a premium StorDigital 7 CD/DVD Duplicator. This product is able to burn up to 7 DVDs or CDs at one time at a fast and efficient pace. This product's case does not fit the duplicator correctly but is in full working order. High quality professional 7 target DVD and CD duplicator manufactured in the UK by StorDigital Systems. unit comes with no warranty. Forget the rest and choose the best, trust StorDigital for all your duplication hardware needs. 'StorDigital - the name to trust in duplication CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS OFFER - 02082930777 Picture is for illustration purposes only