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A 1Kg (2.2lb) coil of white PLA 1.75mm filament wound around a sturdy plastic spool. PLA is the official build material for RepRap Mendel and is compatible with Darwin, MakerBot, RapMan, and other compatible 3D printers. PLA is a bioplastic, meaning it is made from renewable natural resources. It is also biodegradable in commercial compost facility. This is Natureworks PLA4043D extruded into 1.75mm filament. This is a wonderful build material. It has minimal warp when cooling. The pigments used in our color PLA are all bio-friendly and designed for use with PLA. Filament measures 1.75mm +/- 0.05mm Comes in a sealed plastic bag with desiccants We reserve the right to ship weights +/- 5% due to packaging variations.