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Since Vinpower Digital developed our own standalone robotic autoloader duplicator, we are uniquely qualified to provide a controller that is specially designed to work for any number of different autoloader designs. The duplication quality and functionality will be the same exceptional quality as our manual tower controller, but our autoloader controller was developed specifically to interface with a robotic autoloader. Our autoloader controller offers a standard RS232 interface enabling the controller to easily communicate with the robotic controller module. When working with Vinpower Digital, we can integrate your robotic protocol into our controller for ideal communication between the two devices. You deserve the best, you deserve Vinpower Digital. In addition, these models are available with Blu-ray duplication capability standard, and the option to add LightScribe labeling capability as well for an instant LightScribe publishing system. Since we started out as a system integrator and continue to build our own towers, we are uniquely qualified to fully understand how to develop a controller that works best in a multi-drive manual tower compatible with the largest selection of blank media and writer drives. To show our level of technical expertise, we are an official testing station for major CD/DVD media and writer drive manufacturers to ensure that their products will function properly for the duplication market. We can customize the controller to best match your needs, whether it's a small name change or a more complex alteration of the entire programming, if it's feasible we can make it happen.