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The Fargo HDPii  prints and encodes the newest generation of financial cards with no embossed text and, increasingly, a contact or contactless smart chip inside. By giving institutions the ability to create a personal connection by physically handing custom cards to customers, the HDPii Financial Card Printer/Encoder raises customer service and loyalty to a new level. Personalization helps lift activation to 100%, and it helps shift the first transaction to just a day or two after issuance.

  • Attract new customers and build your business with highly customized designs for credit, debit, prepaid and retail gift cards.
  • High Definition Printing (HDP ®) technology prints photo-quality continuous-tone images over the card edge with vibrant colors and sharp text and graphics.
  • Special features such as lockable security housing, concealed output hopper, and encryption make the HDPii compliant with financial card association security requirements.
  • HDP re-transfer printing technology seals the card image under the HDP film for increased durability and fraud protection, and it replicates the look of preprinted cards.
  • Simplify logistics at branch locations by stocking only blank cards imprinted with each card association's brand.