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Director 2000 Series - Advanced Network Based CD Duplication Production Equipment for Unique Publishing and DVD Duplication.

MF Digital is a leading maker of software manufacturing equipment for unique publishing systems. Our Director CD duplication equipment, CD On Demand, DVD publishing systems allow instant network-based manufacturing of discs on demand. The Director is the producer of discs upon receiving local or remote burning requests. This optical disc manufacturing equipment features automatic editing of print jobs, unlimited job queuing, and the producer of unique one off disc publishing for distribution.

Advanced Features: Includes our exclusive API technology for seamless integration into your custom applications - Provides Asynchronous on demand duplication / publishing each drive prints and burns independently of the others. 24/7 Mission Critical / High Capacity 450 - 600 discs Includes Microsoft license-free client software for network connectivity submit, edit orĀ check status of CD publishing, duplication or print jobs from anywhere on your network Job processing of up to 4 unique jobs simultaneously (depending on model) Unlimited job queuing on our CD duplication systems Intelligent Spindle Select Now Available Director selects CD or DVD media based onĀ image submitted! ! The Director just became more flexible, offering 2 types to meet your needs: the Director Publisher digital desktop Duplication Systems and the Director PRO Publisher - Optical Disc Production Equipment.. Director Office Desktop Systems: With a KVM" Built In PC - You supply the Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse 2 CD / DVD Drives 250 disc spindle capacity Compatible with the Rimage Prism Plus Thermal Printer and the PicoJet Inkjet Printer for superior direct-to-disc unique publishing and printing"