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Over 11000 StorDigital Duplicators Sold

StorDigital Duplicators give fast & professional results at great value. The StorDigital CopyTower is one of the most popular duplicators produced by StorDigital, and when you look at its features, build quality and value, it’s easy to see why!

Utilising the latest DVD-RW drives, the StorDigital CopyTower is the only choice to consider if you’re looking for a reliable and professional duplication system. The in-built SATA drives offer the highest achievable speeds around for DVD and CD burning, all easily controlled on the duplicator with the touch of a button.

The intelligent control centre burns to all 9 drives simultaneously, ensuring all your data is duplicated efficiently and cloned exactly as it should be. Designed as a dedicated duplication machine, the CopyTower operates completely independently. No PC or Mac connection is required for operation, simply plug in the power and you’re ready to duplicate discs in less than a minute.

Why not add a Hard Drive to store disc images to the machines memory, upgrade to a StorDigital PrintTower for ink-free printing, or use a StorDigital SafeTower to add copy protection to your DVD-Video discs*.

There are a host of upgrades available to improve the capabilities, speed and performance of your StorDigital Copytower even further, call our sales team on 0208 305 7450 for expert advice on your personal and unique requirements.

*The StorDigital PrintTower and StorDigital SafeTower do require a PC to run the additionally provided software, but can be operated as standalone systems.