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Over 11000 StorDigital Duplicators Sold

This fully assembled product has 1 reader and 11 writers. LG drive enabled duplicators offer exceptional value. All units are built in the UK using the highest quality components sourced from around the world. When you invest in a LG CD or DVD duplication system you can be confident you will receive a quality product manufactured to the highest standard at a great price. LG also offer unlimited technical support and advance swapout warranties * offering you the peace of mind to get on with your production jobs.

LG drive enabled duplicators are now available in a stylish black finish. These tower duplicators are not only fast but also reliable. Using the proven LG DVD recording and the fast 20X DVD-ROM for ripping accuracy is assured. Copies can be made directly from the DVD-ROM or from the optional 160 GB hard drive (available on multidrive units). Sixteen 9Gb DVDs can be stored and kept ready for fast simple copying.

LG drive enabled duplicators offer easy to use one click operation via 4 buttons and an LCD interface. The unit sets up in minutes just plug into AC load master into DVD-ROM and blanks into DVD Recorders then press ENT. Pressing just one button will copy from the DVD-ROM to the DVD Recorders. There is no complex operating system to learn. The four-button LCD display interface will guide the user through all procedures with no training necessary.

You do not have to be a computer user to operate the LG 1 DVD Duplicator system. All current DVD and CD formats with the exception of CD+G (Karaoke CD) can be copied. DVDs burn at a selectable 20x/16x/8x/4x/2x speed while CDs will burn at 32x/12x/8x/4x/2x. Exact image copies of original masters are assured and verified by the duplicators "Copy and Compare" feature. The duplicator also offers a "Test" function as well as a "Test and Copy" feature. The Source Input drive is also user selectable. The machine will also operate in simulation mode preventing the burning of corrupted discs. Once the disc copy process has been completed the copy will be verified before an audio alert is sounded to notify the user that the discs have burnt succesfully.

We believe that LG tower duplication systems offer companies creative agencies government bodies and individuals an ideal entry level duplication system. Not only does the LG range offer exceptional value for money and the highest level of service but the company also offers an advance swapout warranty and unlimited technical support. What's more LG duplication systems offer the highest production output potential on the market. Remember automated isn't always better and burn for buck tower copiers win hands down every time.

This device is NOT manufactured by LG. It is a StorDigital Premium DVD and CD Duplicator manufactured to feature LG drives.