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Simple, Powerful, Affordable The 5000 Series Live event recorder and duplicator advances the method of capturing and duplicating live audio. With a wide range of solutions MF Digital has the right system for the job. Ideal for any venue, the live event recorder is a "must have" for producing high quality audio copies. Designed in a space saving rank-mount enclosure the 5000 Live Series is not only compact, but expandable. Easily connect multiple units to increase production from 6 to 60 drives, yet control everything from a single console. Whether it's a Church event, seminar, court deposition or live concert the Live Series from MF Digital has the exact features you need. Truly in a class by themselves, let our Live Event Duplicators do more for you; experience the future with MF Digital. Capture the Moment Not all live event recorders are created equal. MF Digital solutions are unique because they not only offer you the ability to record live, but instantly duplicate that event. Ease of use was a primary concern and with simple wizard software and one-click duplicating even the most novice user will be an expert. Designed for Live Events For the hardware, incorporate this sleek rank-mount design into your portable recording studio. For software, use the Track ID edit tool for live editing or span to multiple discs with one click. Standardize your live audio CD with pre-recorded messages which can easily be inserted. Network Ready These professional grade systems are the only network Live event duplicators available on the market. With license free Windows XP network client software, sending jobs from a single console is nothing more than a click-of-the-mouse. Connect Live Event Units Together with Ease The power of the Windows based system empowers you to do more. Easily expand a single system to additional units for increased production. Assign jobs to single units or any number of available systems. This ability maximizes production and streamlines your operation allowing you to turn out more discs in less time.