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Building on the foundation of the Ripstation range of automated solutions brings Ripstation DataGrabber - the fully automated solution for extraction of any physical data media such as DVD Video, DVD Data and CD data to file folder or ISO structure. Utilising Ripstations conversion accuracy and workflow management tools brings together a powerful solution to the service provider or content holder to achieve consistent fully automated transfer of DVDs, CD's and optionally Blu-Ray to file, folder and ISO level. This is of vital importance when holding a legacy acrhive of material on any phyiscal media and where this archive must be moved to a newer storage media such as hard disc, NAS or SAN. DataGrabber runs on all of MF Digitals family of DVD robotics to allow for full scalability, from a simple single drive solution with 80 disc capacity to the four drive 300 disc capacity 7604. Simply select your robotic solution and add DataGrabber on as a software option. Now with optional Blu Ray Support