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Now there's a new way to copy and print your DVDs and CDs. Thanks to StorDigital LightScribe Disc publishers you can copy and lightscribe label in batches of 100 automatically. Requires host PC.

StorDigitals SD30 Lightscribe DupeBox's single recorder offers unparallelled speed and performance. One-touch operation of one-to-multiple and multiple-to-multiple disc duplication with disc write failure detection technology makes completing any type of duplication job a cinch. Yes this machine copies and labels discs using a LightScribe enabled DVD CD burner.

The standard 30 disc capacity device, can be increased to 100 disc capcity via the supplied storage extensions, without the need for a PC connection and Non-Stop Disc Refilling with First In, First Out (FIFO) disc output makes the StorDigital SD30 the ideal solution for any size project. SD30 is truly the perfect addition to any home or business, providing an affordable, efficient, space saving, integrated answer to in-house CD/DVD duplication.