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£599.00(exc vat)
This duplicator comes feature rich with a USB port to allow control via a host PC and an onboard 160GB hard drive, to allow you to manage your disc images. Image manager software ships with the device, enabling you full control over the discs you wish to copy. Picture for illustration only - currently this unit is shipping in a black case with black drives (subject to change).

Easy to use, this standalone Duplicator can burn up to 7 dvd's or cd's at a time in only 7 minutes! Just press GO and this error proof Duplicator will do the job. It is recommend for every type of data and also audio, as it can detect, separate and edit each track on a DVD. It can also record CD's.

This duplicator has 1 DVD CD Reader and 7 DVD CD Recorders, onboard 160GB Hard Drive and USB connection for PC control. These units come pre-built with 7 DVD CD writers.