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What is a Standalone Autoloader CD DVD Duplicator

Whereas an autoloader minimises the requirement for human intervention in the CD and DVD production process. The use of a standalone autoloader may offer further advantages to some user groups. For example a standalone autoloader that can be used in remote locations where there is no access to a host PC. At live events a live audio CD recorder may be used to creat a master disc. This disc can then be used in the standalone duplicator with autoloader device. So the key advantages would be portability with the benefits of unattended operation.

What is it used for?

Standalone CD and DVD autoloaders are used for a range of reasons in a variety of different environments. An autoloading duplicator will be used where a non intrusive duplication process is required. Small units are compact and portable and can be move and relocated according to production requirements. The MicroOrbit from Microboards is an ideal entry level autoloading CD DVD duplication system. Large Autoloading CD DVD duplicating systems including those from Verity Systems are ideal for large scale production requirements, day in and day out.

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