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What is a CDDVD Tower Duplicator

Tower CD DVD Duplicators are entry point CD DVD duplication systems. They are widely used at all levels of productions. They offer large output potential at a very low cost. The units are usually standalone and feature an array of high speed optical recorders. The CD or DVDs are created from a master Disc that has been produced on a PC or CD DVD recorder. Burn for Buck the tower duplicator such as the range from StorDigital offer the best entry point to companies that need to explore the benefits of in-house CD DVD production.

What is it used for?

A 14 drive tower duplicator can produce up to 2500 CDs per day. A smaller single drive unit can produce around 50 CDs per day. Whatever your in-house production requirement you can be sure that there is a tower solution to meet your needs. When considering an inhouse solution that needs to help your business turn a profit NEVER discount tower duplicators. If you are sure you want an automated solution then be sure to consider running a tower alongside or as back up. When a deadline fast approaches and you find the disc that you just auto copied has a file missing an automated solution is unlikely to get you out of the whole. A low cost tower copier will likely have 5 times the output of an auto copier that comes in at 5 times the price. Think about that.

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