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Tascam CD-D11U 1x1 One to One 52x StandAlone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D13 1x3 One to Three 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D17HD 1x7 One to Seven 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Teac 1- DVDROM Standalone 1X7DVDR DUPL 16X BLK 7 DVDRW 160GB HDD
Teac 1X3DVDR Duplicator 16X BLK Standalone
Teac 1x7 Stand Alone CDR Duplicator With 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator
TEAC P-55 220 Disc Capacity 2 DVD recorders Publishing System
TEAC P-55 Autoloader System
Teac Standalone 1 to 1 52x CD-R Duplicator
TEAC Standalone 1x3 and 1x7 DVD Tower Duplicators
TEAC WP-55 CD DVD Publishing System
Telex Rimage 2000i DVD CD Publisher
Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD

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Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD

   Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD
Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD
   Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD

The most cost effective and quality DVD copier on the market today, and from a company that you have trusted for over 65 years, Telex Communications. New seven drive DVD copier makes DVD copying easy and affordable. The 7-824D features a 80 GB hard drive, and will make seven DVD +/- copies at 8x, or six CD copies at 24x. Storage of up to 14 4.7GB DVDs on this massive hard drive.

o 80GB Hard Drive

This unit is equipped with an 80GB hard drive to store all of the media you wish to duplicate.

o Partitions

The hard drive in the SpinWise DVD/CD duplicator system contains 12 partitions. You can load as much as 5GB onto each hard drive.

o Burn Mode

This option controls the writing methods to the DVD/CD including the "Disc At Once"(DAO) or "Track at Once" (TAO). The default setting is Disc At Once. If the method selected is not supported, the duplicator will automatically switch to the other one.

o "Burn On the Fly"

This option controls the writing methods to the DVD/CD. When this setting is ON, the data will direct copy from the source drive to the target drives. When the setting is OFF, the data will load into a particular temporary partition in the hard drive and then the copied data will come from the source partition.

o Copy

With this feature, you can immediately copy from your source disc to the DVD/CD-RW.

o Test Copy Disc

The Test Copy feature will begin a process and will run a test copy without copying any data.

o Test and Copy

This feature will test the copy process and then begin the copy process automatically.

o Verify

The Verify feature will verify that the copies can be read in a DVD player.

o Compare

This feature compares the copy to the source disc after the copy process is over.

o Prescan

The Prescan feature will test the source disc integrity and the reading speed.

o Disc Info

The LCD will show the track information on the source DVD.

o Select Source (when equipped with hard drive)

Select either DVD-ROM or DVD-RW as the source drive, then begin making your copies.

o Edit Track (when equipped with hard drive)

You can select tracks from several source DVD/CD's to make a custom compilation.

o Setup

The setup allows you to Select Read Speed, Write Speed, Auto-Verify, Auto-Compare, Auto-Prescan, Disc Eject sequence, Button sound, and much more.

o Backlit LCD Display

The backlit LCD display shows the status of the copy process and other functions.

o Casing

The case design will complement any environment and decor.

o High-Speed Copying

A high-speed copying rate of 16x is used for high-volume copying.

o Auto Start Drive

This option controls whether or not the DVD writers will auto start to copy or if the DVD writers will test for the blank discs. The default setting is Off.

o Read Speed

The option allows you to control the read speed of the DVD-ROM (depending on the DVD-ROM maximum speed support).

o Burn Speed

This option allows you to change the burn speed (depending on the DVD-RW maximum speed support).

o Language

This option allows you to select the language that appears in the LCD Panel. The options are: English, Spanish.

o Full Erase

This option will do a complete erase of the data on the DVD-RW disc. This will take a minute to complete.

o Close Session

The Close Session option is used to finalize the target disc so that no more data can be written to it. This option makes the disc ready to be read on a normal player.