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Tascam CD-D11U 1x1 One to One 52x StandAlone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D13 1x3 One to Three 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D17HD 1x7 One to Seven 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Teac 1- DVDROM Standalone 1X7DVDR DUPL 16X BLK 7 DVDRW 160GB HDD
Teac 1X3DVDR Duplicator 16X BLK Standalone
Teac 1x7 Stand Alone CDR Duplicator With 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator
TEAC P-55 220 Disc Capacity 2 DVD recorders Publishing System
TEAC P-55 Autoloader System
Teac Standalone 1 to 1 52x CD-R Duplicator
TEAC Standalone 1x3 and 1x7 DVD Tower Duplicators
TEAC WP-55 CD DVD Publishing System
Telex Rimage 2000i DVD CD Publisher
Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD

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Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive

   Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w  80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive
   Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive

The 1x3 52X CDR Duplicator from TEACŪ is a stand-alone disc-to-disc CDR Duplicator system that requires no PC connection. It is designed to meet fast and accurate yet easy CD copy requirements. This duplicator can automatically identify the source CD and the correct content will be replicated. Featuring continuous copying without waiting, this device eliminates the need for cooling down periods. There is no need to load up extra software and no extra time is required to set the unit up. In addition, the unit completely functions as stand alone unit and there is no need to attach any cables to your PC. Its large buffer increases system functionality and prevents buffer under-run errors. The CDR Duplicator is ideal for advanced users looking for speed and accuracy.

" Features easy-to-use LCD display menu for quick operations
" Provides multiple sub-functions to customize your system
" Includes 80 GB internal hard drive
" Allows for continuous copying eliminating the need for cool down periods
" Standalone unit - does not require PC connection

Tech Specs
Capacity Height
80 GB 26.7 cm
Depth Width
43.8 cm 19.1 cm
Weight Built-in Devices
10.7 kg Status LCD
Cache / Buffer Size Compliant Standards
Drive: 2 MB; System: 8 MB UL, FCC
Compliant Standards Device Type
Video CD CD duplicator
Device Type Dimensions (WxDxH)
CDR Duplicator 19.1 cm x 43.8 cm x 26.7 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) Enclosure Type
7.5" x 17.25" x 10.5" External
Hard Drive Included Accessories
80 GB 80 GB Hard Drive
Interface Type Media Load Type
Power Power
115-230 VAC AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Read Speed Type
52X 1 x CD-ROM
Type Type
3 x CD-RW Power supply
Type Voltage Required
Standard - internal AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Rewrite Speed Supported CD Formats
32x CD Extra, CD-DA (audio), CD-ROM XA, Mixed-mode CD, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-ROM
Supported Recording Modes Write Speed
Multisession, disk-at-once, track-at-once 52x
Write Speed Supported Media Types
CD-R: 52X; CD-RW: 32X CD-ROM Mode-1, Mode-2, CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, Game CD Mix Mode, MultiSession, HFS
CD Bridge, CD Extra, CD+G (karaoke), CD-R, CD-RW, Photo and Video CDs
Supported Media Types Compatibility
Optical Storage Optical Storage (2nd)
3 x CD-RW 1 x CD-ROM
Product Description Buffer Underrun Protection
Teac CD Tower Duplicator CDW-D13H - CD duplicator Yes
Buffer Size Read Speed ( 2nd drive )
2 MB 52x