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Tascam CD-D11U 1x1 One to One 52x StandAlone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D13 1x3 One to Three 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Tascam CD-D17HD 1x7 One to Seven 52x Stand Alone CD Duplicator
Teac 1- DVDROM Standalone 1X7DVDR DUPL 16X BLK 7 DVDRW 160GB HDD
Teac 1X3DVDR Duplicator 16X BLK Standalone
Teac 1x7 Stand Alone CDR Duplicator With 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator w 80GB Hard Drive
Teac 52x 1x3 CD-R Tower Duplicator
TEAC P-55 220 Disc Capacity 2 DVD recorders Publishing System
TEAC P-55 Autoloader System
Teac Standalone 1 to 1 52x CD-R Duplicator
TEAC Standalone 1x3 and 1x7 DVD Tower Duplicators
TEAC WP-55 CD DVD Publishing System
Telex Rimage 2000i DVD CD Publisher
Telex Spinwise 7-1632D Seven-Drive 16x Standalone DVD and 32x CD

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TEAC P-55 Autoloader System

   TEAC P-55 Autoloader System
TEAC P-55 Autoloader System
   TEAC P-55 Autoloader System

TEAC's new Auto-Loader with choices of TEAC color Dye-Sub Thermal Printing or TEAC 4800dpi color InkJet printing is a full automated Printer Solution. It makes it easy and quick to automatically print up to 220 discs. Advanced Robotic Mechanism is used to transport discs from the input bins to the integrated TEAC Printer and then to the output bins.
The integrated TEAC color Dye-Sub Printer is a revolutionary disc printing system featuring dye-sublimation process at 400 DPI Print Resolution which is the highest resolution available today! The Color InkJet Disc Printer has an incredible 4800 dpi print resolution and features Photo-Quality prints. TEAC has redefined the industry standard with these new hi-res printers.
The TEAC printers have been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced. TEAC's printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, high-quality DVD/CD media printing, producing professional photo-quality labels that are truly unmatched. The CD-R/DVD-R labeling has been given a new meaning. TEAC auto-printers blow away traditional screen printing and replace it with unsurpassed quality never seen before.
" Complete Stand-Alone Automated Printer Solution
" Thermal or Inkjet Disc Printing System
" Network Printer Capabilities
" Networking Hardware and Software Included
" PC and Mac Compatible
Thermal Printer Specification
Printer Model:
Printing Method:
Thermal Re-transfer Printing
Ribbon Capacity:
500 images/ ribbon (Full Color)
Print Resolution: 400 dpi
Dimensions: 25"L x 21"W x 20"H
(cm: 63.5D x 53.34H x 50.8W)
Weight: 39lbs (13.5kg) approx.
InkJet Printer Specification
Printer Model: TEAC Color Inkjet Disc Printer
Printing Method: InkJet
Printing Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
Dimensions: 14.5"L x 18"W x 13.5"H
(cm: 37.25D x 34.5H x 46W)
Weight: 39lbs (13.5kg) approx.
General Auto-Loader Specifications
Controller: Series 5 with TrueCopy
System Technology
Power Requirement: 110v / 220v Auto Switch
Power Consumption: 100W