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Shaped CDR

Shaped CDR have been proven to improve the effectiveness of your CD marketing efforts. The prohibitive cost makes a shape CDR unsuitable for everyday usage, but for one off marketing activity they can prove ideal.

A Shaped CDR can take the form of any number of cutouts, like an orange, a plane or a teddy bear. The top side of the CD will then be printed with a colour image to fill the shape, along with your company or required information.

It should be noted that Shaped CDR have proven to be problematic for some users. A normal CD will always spin regularly in the CD drive at high speed. A shaped CDR however if made incorrectly can spin off balance or incorrectly. This error in spin can cause the disc to be un-readable or can cause your machine, system or PC to shake violently.

The bottom line is, evaluate and consider the cost, your market and what will happen when your clients machine shakes down the office. A great idea, seek advice and use with caution.

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