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Primera Composer XL CD DVD Duplicator

Our Verdict: Unbeatable value for money for shorter runs of automatically copied and printed disc products.

Primera Composer XL CD DVD Duplicator will duplicate and print up to 100 discs per job from any Windows-based PC and includes an advanced FireWire interface. The Composer XL features 20% faster robot technology than featured on the standard Primera Composer. The Primera Composer XL offers faster throughput; enhanced mastering, duplication and disc printing software; and automated printing options. The Primera Composer XL comes with 1 52X CD or 1 high speed DVD recorder. Primera have also built in the function to support thermal or injet printers meaning the composer XL is one of the most versatile automated CD DVD copier printers within its price range.

The New Price/Performance Leader

Composer XL makes producing your own CDs and DVDs fast and easy. It lets you duplicate up to 100 discs per job in your own office incorporating the fastest possible production speeds available as well as an advanced FireWire­™ interface.

Composer XL's advanced robotics and software work automatically, so no operator intervention is required after a job is started. Highly intuitive authoring and duplication software can be learned in an hour or less. Depending upon your needs, you can also print directly onto your discs with any of Primera's popular inkjet or thermal disc printers.

Whether you need to duplicate music, video, software or data, Composer XL makes the process simple - at a price virtually any company can afford!

Easy to Operate, Proven Reliability

Composer XL's efficient and user-friendly design streamlines all operations. Since most duplication jobs are unattended, reliability has carefully been designed into Composer XL. Its "pick-and-place" mechanism greatly improves upon the reliability of other designs, assuring you nonstop, high-volume production. During factory life test

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