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Media Technics Fusion CD Duplicator

     Media Technics Fusion CD Duplicator
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    Media Technics Fusion CD Duplicator

Our Verdict: MediaTechnics automated CD duplicators offer exceptional build quality, unique functionality and a value price. With output capacity upto 600 discs and the option to intergrate thermal and inkjet printer options, Fusion CD Duplicators are the leading all round performers. Whatsmore the Fusion automated CD Duplicator from MediaTechnics offer fully standalone operation, requiring no PC connection. Unbeatable value, astounding build quality, opitonal printers and standalone functionality make the Mediatechnics Fusion CD Duplicator a guranteed winner.

MediaTechnics Autoloading CD Duplicator. 2 CD-R 48X. 125 Disc Capacity. Fusion 248 Standalone Autoloaders. Supports Ink-Jet Printers or Thermal Printers Octave is pleased to add the Fusion CD duplication system to its robust product offerings. This duplicator uses advanced robotics to deliver duplication power that is unparalleled in its price class. The FUSION 248 is ideal for CD production in a small-to-medium sized operation, for tasks ranging from unattended CD-R duplication to “one-off” custom CD-R publishing Stand Alone. This system handles all aspects of disc production, from writing, verifying, to in-line printing. Advanced robotics and stepping motors are used to ensure a quite and smooth operation. The duplicator is also easy to use. The system can handle 125 disc offering hands free duplication. All Fusion duplicators (CD or DVD, 2 or 4 drive) easily integrate Thermal or Ink Jet printers. This system can use the Rimage Thermal Printer, the Copy Pro Thermal, Signature IV Ink, or the Signature Pro Ink Jet printer. Fusion 248 feature set includes: All duplicators are Networkable (Option) 2-48x Plextor CD-R Writers 125 disk capacity Auto Detect Format Direct Copying Ink or Thermal Print Support Store 40GB of disc images No limit factory phone support Full year warranty Extended warranties are available Specifications: 16.5" x 14" x 16.5" (width - height- depth) Weight: 36lbs Power consumption: 115 Watts Disk capacity: 125 CD-Rs Write Drive Options: One thru two 48x recorders Configuration: Standalone or Network Option Standard warranty: 1 year parts and labor on our duplicators (Major repairs done at the factory)

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