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DVD Printer

DVD Printer will allow you to make professionally finished CDs. Using either inkjet or thermal technology a DVD Printer will really set your product apart from other recorded discs in the market place. Inkjet printers are a great place to start if you want fast, colourful, high-res prints that your customers and designers will love. Discs finished with a DVD Printer that uses inkjet technology might be more colourful than their thermally printed counterparts but unfortunately they might prove to be less durable. If you want to ensure that your printed disc looks good for the lifecycle of the disc it may be necessary to finish the disc with a clear lacquer. You can either buy clear spray type lacquer in a can or you can purchase a dedicated disc coating machine that will increase your output quality.

For more durable finishes straight from the printer it is advised that you consider a thermal printer. Although more expensive, thermal printers work in very different ways to an inkjet DVD Printer. A thermal DVD Printer will use a coloured ribbon that is melted onto the top surface of the CD. The results will be similar to results achieved with a monotone laser printer on paper. You could think of a thermal DVD Printer as a laser printer and an inkjet DVD Printer as being similar to an inkjet paper printer. In many ways the prices are reflected in the same way.

For any individual or company that is serious about making the right impression with their duplicated CD products investment in a DVD Printer is an absolute must. There will be no more adhering of labels and your customers will be blown away by the production skills and expertise you have to offer. The best news is that a DVD Printer is cheap to buy and the results are terrific.

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