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CD Duplicators

Owning CD Duplicators will offer you access to one of the most exciting new industries of our time. These compact new pieces of hardware are now becoming common place in many of today's companies. CD Duplicators can add new arms to an existing business and can certainly help pull your business back toward profitability if you are wasting money out outsourcing short run CD duplicating. There has never been a better time to buy CD Duplicators. The market is very competitive and their are some great deals to be had. Be carefull though, dont buy on price alone. It is important to make a purchase from a reputable compnay that will be around next year to fulfill your demands for technical support.

CD Duplicators are available in a range of sizes that will meet your individual or company needs. Always expect your requirements to expand and think ahead. Buy as large capacity as you can afford. Usually the best way to spend your money is on a 1 to 7 Tower CD Duplicator that will produce around 7 CDs per 4 mins (depending on spec). If you need greater output then you would certainly benefit more from owning two 1 to 7 CD Duplicators than one 1 to 14. Owning two machines means you will have much more flexibility, you will be able to produce 14 of the same CDs per session, or two different CDs at different locations.

It is not recommended that you purchase a second hand unit unless it comes with a full warranty. The price of newer units is often much lower than you would expect and the more recent the model the faster it will burn discs. Of course it might be tempting to buy from faceless retailers on auction websites. Whilst we acknowledge that the product you purchase from an auction website might appear to have similar specifications to a system purchased from a more recognised dealer, we can almost guarantee that the level of after sales support and warranty cover may be inferior.

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DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier

DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier