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CDR Recording

CDR Recording is currently the most popular way for businesses or individuals to distribute large quantities of data. Due to the large installed base of CD readers there has never been a better time for your business to start CDR Recording.

CDR Recording will enable your business to quickly, easily and cheaply make vast quantities of data available to clients, customers and colleagues.

CDR Recording facilities are now commonplace in most businesses, media agencies, libraries, schools and colleges. Amost every home worldwide might have some form of access to a device that plays CDs, either via a computer for a recorded CD containing data or via a normal audio CD player for the playback of music. Most DVD players also support the playback of Video CDs which are a cheaper alternative to DVDs most popular in East Asia and China.

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DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier

DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier