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CDROM Duplicator

A CDROM Duplicator might well change the way you do business. It will certainly change the way you are seen to do business. By using a CDROM Duplicator you will be able to copy your annual reports, presentations and marketing material and distribute them in the most effective way for today's market.

If you duplicate a CDROM that contains your company information you are instantly creating a cheap and effective marketing tool that can be easily passed on and shared between individuals.

A CDROM Duplicator is a great tool for distributing literature and information in-house. See how quiet the photocopier gets when you introduce digital copy technology to your workplace! No more waste and so simple to use. Just burn your master CD with a CD burner in a standard PC. Insert your master CDROM to the CDROM Duplicator, insert your blank or target CDR's then just press the button and let it go.

There is no simpler method for getting your information into the hands of others quickly, easily, cheaply and effectively.

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DVD CD Duplicators and DVD Copier