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TDK CD DVD Printer LPCW-50

     TDK CD DVD Printer LPCW-50
Buy a TDK CD DVD Printer LPCW-50 at Low Prices Here!

    TDK CD DVD Printer LPCW-50

Our Verdict: Pending.

With the TDK CD/DVD printer, you can print text or pictures directly onto a CD or DVD disc for a unique, professional looking finish.

No input necessary!
Music title lists can be imported from CD Text or Windows Media Player; file names and folder names can be imported from PC.

Fixed design

You can select one of the three handy label formats; For Music, For Data and For Digital Image.

Free design

You can also select the Free Design format and use your own drawings or photos to create a unique label.

Printable area: 74 mm x 16 mm each


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